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New Study to identify PMS burden on athletes

A study is being carried out to identify the burden of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in athletic populations. Cleanmarine for Women has partnered with Sport Ireland to conduct the study, which is being led by Sport Ireland nutritionist, Dr Sharon Madigan and Sport Ireland researcher, Dr Katie Lydon. As well as identifying the PMS burden, the researchers will assess hormone response to supplementation over four menstrual cycles.
PMS is a range of mood – behavioural and physical – symptoms that can impact daily functioning in the period of time before menstruation. The purpose of the study is to assess if Cleanmarine for Women, which contains krill oil, B vitamins, vitamin D3, soy isoflavones and rosemary, can help to regulate hormones in elite athletes.
Female participation in sport has grown exponentially over the past century; 45 per cent of athletes at the 2019 Rio Olympics were female. With this huge increase in female participation comes new research into the health-related consequences of women participating in sport. Many women feel their athletic performance is affected by their monthly hormone cycle, according to the researchers.
If you are aged 18 and over, the team of researchers from Sport Ireland would like you to take part in this survey which is available on: bit.ly/PMSstudy

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