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New photochromic lens technology from Cébé and running shoes from Brooks are up for review in this month’s Gear and Gadgets.

Killian Byrne

Brooks Glycerin 16

This is the second pair of Brooks shoes I’ve tested this year and I’ve found the brand to be really good at listening to runners’ needs. With the Glycerin 16, they continue the trend. When you get to the sixteenth version of a shoe, there is a real following for it and I’ve learned that Brooks fans are very loyal. The Glycerin is a traditional ‘neutral’ shoe and appeals to a wide cohort of the running community.
This isn’t a complete redesign from previous versions but Brooks take the Glycerin 16 one step further by adding their new ‘DNA Loft’ full-length, mid-sole allowing for some really excellent cushioning, meaning this is one of the most comfortable Brooks runners on the market. Ideal for long runs, the shoe is engineered to provide a luxurious feeling underfoot without losing responsiveness or durability.
There is also a newly engineered 3D Fit Print mesh – that’s the top of the shoe to you and me – but with the Glycerin, there is an internal two-way stretch bootie that, as they say themselves ‘surrounds your foot in softness, expanding and contracting with your stride’. My initial thoughts were that the upper was too loose and stretchy but having worn them for a couple of weeks now, I shouldn’t have worried. There was no slipping or any internal movement and the engineered mesh means lots of breathability for fresh feet even after the longest of long runs.
If you wear Glycerin 15 then you’ll like these. If you wear neutral shoes in a different brand then you’ll find these really comfortable. These are a good solid shoe that anyone either in the thick of marathon training or a couch-to-5mk plan will like. At 300g they’re not super light but the main thing here is the fact that the Glycerin 16 is another good version of a really good shoe.

SCORE: 7/10

The Glycerin 16 does exactly what you expect it to do.
RRP: €170

Cébé S'track L Sunglasses

I saved trying these Cébé S’Track L sunglasses for vacation as I knew they would be put through their paces in real ‘test conditions’. As it turns out, for a couple of days at least, Ireland was warmer and sunnier than the French Vendée but that’s how the cards fall!
I am a sunglasses fan and have many pairs, so I was really excited to try these straight out of the box. Initial thoughts, they were really light with an interesting design and the lenses weren’t particularly dark, in fact, they were practically clear.
Photochromic technology, for anyone not familiar with the term, means that the lenses change to suit the weather conditions. When it is very sunny, they go dark but under cloud or indoors, the lenses change to a clear view and the wearer’s vision isn’t affected by conditions. This is my first pair of photochromic lenses and they are really excellent. I wore them while driving and I forgot I had them on. The Cébé S’Track L sunglasses worked seamlessly from indoors to outdoors. They claim to react in fewer than 20 seconds – I never noticed.
These are light, strong and with a really innovative two-piece arm, are as snug on your head as anything on the market. Cébé has worked with ultra-trail champion, Sébastien Chaigneau, so their ‘on-face’ stability properties are well tested. For me, the real benefit in the design was the ventilation. Good air circulation means no fogging, which is something I have always had an issue with while wearing glasses out running or on the bike.
These are not sunglasses to be worn as a fashion accessory, but we are looking for practicality here and that’s where the Cébé S’Track L shine. If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses for running, cycling, sailing or any sport whatsoever, then these are very much worth your time and money.

SCORE: 7.5/10

A few points lost for a plain design but other versions are available.
RRP: £99

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